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In broiler production, which source (Animal or Plant) of  protein is more responsible or equally responsible for Ammonia liberation through droppings? and how can I reduce this ammonia level through feed? I am using mash feed...
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Check the level of choline along with it,s quality.Also go for quality of DORB or rice polish if you are using. Rancidity of these ingrediant may cause pale liver.
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Dear Sir, Your data about Alphitobius diaperinus is really interesting. This is the common problem for commercial broiler producers. If you have any idea about depopulation of these insects (In both condition , present and absence of birds) please suggest me. Thanks
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Dear Mr. Christian Luckstadt I had used NDF @0.1% in broiler feed but I faced problem like reduced feed intake (up to10%) and ulcers at Duodenum of 14th day and 33rd day Broilers. So I changed it with commercial feed acidifiers and situation become normal again. What might be the possible causes?
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