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Does the sow have a fever? Is the sow constipated or is she still having normal stools? If she eats within the next 12 hours there may be no problem. Often lack of intake in gestation is symptomatic that the sow may be aborting the litter. Hopefully she will eat again soon and the litter will be ok. Is the sow drinking water?
Article published the September 8, 2017
Introduction High ambient temperature-elicited heat stress (HS) is a detrimental pathophysiological event. Besides its threat to human health (Changnon et al. 1996; Leon and Helwig 2010), HS also negatively affects the growth performance, reproduction, and health status of farm animals (Hansen 2009; Renaudeau et al. 2011). Annual cost of HS on the US swine industry is over $300 million (St-Pierre ...
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Article published the December 6, 2012
Conclusion Claw lesions are an important cause of lameness in sows. Claw lesions that penetrate the corium increase the potential for inflammatory response and are associated with pain, lameness and decreased productivity. Lameness and reproductive failure are two of the most prominent reasons for early removal from the sow herd. Feeding and management to help prevent claw lesions and lameness sh ...
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