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Sharma Madan Lal Dear Sir, What is BAMS?
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Two questions:- What is a HIR cow? How can such cows be idendified?
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Dear Dr Singh, The investigation is proceeding slowly. To date, we have treated four (4) cases of clinical mastitis. We have been followed the treatment regime as suggested by you. However, we are not submitting samples for citrate levels, nor for bacterial culture. I write seeking your comments on two cases. One case presented with bloody milk in one of the two infected quarters and non-bloody ...
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Dear Dr Jasmer, Sorry about the delay in replying top your last two (2) communications! in fact only recently became aware , ie saw them! The update s as follows: 1. The hand-held pH meter, which i would use to measure the pH of mastitis milk, before the start of treatment. & the pH strips which would be given to the farmers to record the pH of mastitis milk while the animals are being treat ...
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Dear Dr Singh The treatment of initial mastitis case with sodium citrate will begin today. Oral administration would be the method employed. When the sterile IV solution become available, treatment would be IV for the first day follwed by oral treatment, if / as required. I would inform you of the result of this inituial case. In an previous communication you stated " We can reschedule the medic ...
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Dear Dr Singh, Much thanks for your valuable suggestions. It was not the intention to measure pre and post treatment milk pH, nor citrate. However, the wisdom of your council much appreciated. It would mean, re thinking the approach I originally intended, based upon your suggestions. One issue / challenge, is the logistics of the twice daily IV administration of the treatment. One appro ...
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Dear Dr Singh, Thanks for your reply. The solution would be prepared, as per the method you provided.. The results of treatment of cows with clinical mastitis would be communicated to you. Looking forward to having interaction with you on this activity. Many thanks and best regards. wh.
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Dear Dr Singh, Thanks a million & one for your rely. I am very interested in using this salt for the treatment of mastitis in dairy cattle. The option of using a non antibiotic to treat dairy cattle mastitis is very appealing to me. It would be an honour to be able to inform you of the results. One other question, can you provide some information about how to prepare the sterile 5% solution ...
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Dear Dr Singh, I write seeking your assistance in verifying the chemical formulas for the tri sodium citrate used in your research Can you send me the chemical formula for tri-sodium citrate? I requested tri sodium citrate from a supplier and received the following: HOC(COONa)(CH2COONa)2.2H2O or C6H5Na3O2.2H2O which is trisodium citrate dihydrate Is this the same chemical used in i ...
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