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Hi Ewa. Thank you for your comments and you are correct. As feed prices increase, now would be an excellent time to look at those additives that increase efficiency, ingredient bioavailability or have a sparing effect on costly ingredients such as energy or protein sources.
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Dave Albin, Ph.D. Hi Dave, Interesting question...since Creamino increases muscle creatine levels allowing for direct replenishment of ADP to ATP I am not sure what effect a higher fat diet would have. Does a high fat diet have an influence on muscle glucose levels? Or would a low glucose diet lead to lower glucose levels in the muscle?
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In the current raw material cost scenario a concept of feed efficiency is an interesting strategy. It is not only the cost of the feed formulae that matters but also how it will perform. The industry has a broad portfolio of additives focused on increasing bioavailability of fats, some aminoacids and proteins. Bioemulsifiers and aminoacids adjuvants can serve as interesting devices in this strateg ...
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Dear George Entz, Thank you for your message!I suppose that you mean as absolut %. First I want to highlight that it is possible to lower the crude protein only when we are adding the building blocks of the crude proteins, meaning the amino acids; the synthetic amino acids need to be supplied and the dM+C level and d.M+C/ d.Lysin ratio need to be kept at the same level. In our trial, we lowered th ...
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Novus Increases their Content Reach with engormix
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Moacir Furtado please let me know your experience about Progut.
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Hello, Dominique Lubi it's Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Here's the link for the full article, it's open access. Please let know if you are further interested.
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Batimsoga Bougra Badjonama Thank you for the interest in Creamino. At the moment Creamino is not available in Togo , but can be you can source it from neighbouring countries. I will be pleased to get in contact with you to help is my contact : mobile 00212660145100. Awaiting to read you. best regards.
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Muabecho idrisu You are absolutely right, that a careful assessment is required to determine perfomance or cost saving benefits. Our aim is to help in this assessment and bring our technical experience to the table and reduce the risks for the customers while increasing the benefits.
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Can betaine replace any methione? Ana Gavrau, Global Technical Product Manager at Agrana, answers this questions and goes deeper on the function of betaine in poultry nutrition in this video.
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