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Jose Leguizamon if your cows rumen pH is so low that the salts are broken and then fatty acids released and biohydrogenated, you really have a big problem that must be fixed first.Moreover, MFD mainly comes from trans-10 fatty acids, coming from C18:3 and C18:2. As palm barely contains them, MFD due to Ca salts break does not sound to be the main cause of the problem.Do you include Ca-salts as sub ...
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David Faulkner, Global Business Development Director for Global Nutrition International, explains the key aspects of the Gut Check Program, which helps to improve gut health, integrity, functionality and overall performance of animals, during Eurotier 2018.
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Thank you for the clarification, probably there was a misunderstanding since from what I know, there were some efforts from a company to develop a killed vaccine, which was by the way included in the list you mentioned.The results also you shared regarding anticoccidials effectiveness are very meaningful.Kind regards.
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Carlos;As you mentioned this is a great surprise and news.Giuseppe has an extraordinary career in feed mill technology and he represents a very valuable asset for any company, I know him for more than 10 years and I'm very confident that this new relationship will bring more technical support to all Engormix members.Pepe,I wish you my very best on this new endeavor with Carlos, I know Carlos for m ...
News published on November 8, 2018
In one of the great surprises of the industry this year, the renowned expert Eng. Giuseppe Bigliani has joined Engormix to contribute with his experience and knowledge to the consolidation of the global growth of the brand. Eng. Bigliani has a career that spans over 35 years in the design, installation, operation, marketing and administration of agroindustry projects. His main focus has been food ...
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Dear Mr. Satti,formic acid is volatile and not really temperature stable. Furthermore, if you want to add this acid post-pelleting, which I assume since you mention a gel-base, I would assume that leaching might be an issue - shrimp, as you know, need quite some time until the pellet is ingested. As such I'm not sure that relevant amounts of the acid would reach the shrimp. I am therefore more in ...
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Best results with MetAMINO® Best marketing practices for best results: What’s the single best way to present something as complex as the scientific benefits of a livestock feed additive? There is no single way! It takes a multilevel, multichannel approach to tell a coherent, compelling story to different stakeholders. After joining the special chemicals company Evonik 1,5 years ago, I ...
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Robert Gauthier,We have had many years of successful use in animal feeds across the globe. This ultimate research helps confirm the mode of actions and the benefits we have seen with animals, in the field. Thank you.
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Do you have the study reference regarding the feeding of linoleic FA to dairy to improve conception rates? It's results are discussed in the "Feeding Fat and Conception Rates" section. Much appreciated. Thank you for the great read.
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Dear Amanda,I find it highly interesting that Shrimp feed can be done on your expander.It would be good to know what pellet sizes can be done and what would be the bulk densities that can be achieved with the corresponding water content in the expander.Thanks,Urs Wuest
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