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George Entz, Hi, Selsaf 3000 standardized production process guarantees a high concentration of organic Se and a consistent active seleno-compound profile. Se content is always higher than 3000 ppm: 36% SeCys and other active seleno-compounds and 63% SeMet. More info on: Kind regards Alain
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Dear Sir, Proteon has most advanced Artificial Intelligence-supported technology to determine wether phages are lytic or not. When dealing with phages it is important that only phages are used in animal health. We uses cocktail of lytic phages which gives synergistic effect in inhibiting bacterial growth. We do not create cocktail randomly, but the composition is well through that the phages help ...
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Dear Sir, Bacteriophages, or phages for short, are ubiquitous in the environment. A critical part of ecosystems across the planet, phages naturally control bacterial populations. Proteon Pharmaceuticals designs and produces phage products that take advantage of the natural strengths of these organisms. We use modern scientific tools, like full genome sequencing, to assure that the phages we can ...
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PrologueEnergy is the most elusive nutrient in poultry diets. Simply reducing the energy content in poultry feed may not be a viable option for cost-saving in feed formulation. An economical solution is to enable efficient energy utilization; another option is to reduce the energy value to partial extent while maintaining bird’s performance is the dietary supplementation of suitable additive ...
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The benefits of a protease are not only in the feed mill. But also to : 1. Environment: Reduce environment impact of poultry production. 2. Consumer: Improve Animal welfare 3. Farmer: Improve animal health status Litter and air quality 4, Feed cost savings or reduced cost of meat and eggs by reducing protein use. Dr V.Rajendra Prasad
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Dr. Riggi, Very good approach to recover and maintain cellular homeostasis. How do you use these 3 products in a program (protocol for example)? On the other hand, you say that you use Vitamin E and Selenium; you know that Vitamin E does not penetrate the cell, it is fat soluble. How can it be effective at the cell level if it is only active at the level of cell membranes?
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Hi, I am not talking about Vit E, but about Selenium enriched yeast. This is a source of organic Se, used in the prevention of the effects of oxidative stress. Vit E is involved in this process but we do not supply this product. The program we propose is the following:- Selsaf 3000 at 65 g/T (0.2 ppm organic Se in the feed) during the whole production cycle of the chickens- Safglucan at 125 g/T in ...
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Dr. Mike Czarick you may also have a look at DACS that makes a motorized insulated door, called MagDoor, that you install inside the barn. With a exterior fan cover for winter should be good to go. Probably not the cheapest way upfront, but figuring how much energy is wasted + fan corrosion, it may be well worth. Here in Quebec, as most of other Canadian provinces, because our winters are very c ...
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Dr. Shivi Maini sure!! My email is Thanks again for your help!!
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Hugo Romero Sanchez, Ph.D., Executive Global Poultry Solutions Manager at Novus International, highlights some nutritional strategies to enhance or recover male breeders’ fertility
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