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From our experience, we can say that Turkey especially like sweet and react on NHDC and this is proven and for these terms you have a registration in EU. For Broilers was never easy to show it and a lot of was tested. We tested a lot in the past as well with rapeseed oil and sja against the derivates from palm or other sources with óptimised fatty acid content but it never showed really eco ...
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Akos Mesterhazy I absolutely agree with you! of course first of all we should try to use resistance genetic, fungicides and good agronomic practice - to do all we can do to prevent mycotoxin contamination on a field.. and then comes the methods described.. and as you mentioned - if the levels are too high and can not be treated - not for feed or food utilization.. thank you for your comment!
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Dr. Yousef Babikian, Very pertinent and interesting question about Herbal C. Herbal C is natural, heat stable antioxidant that is highly bioavailable form of natural vitamin C. Herbal C has combined benefit of antioxidant and immunopotentiator. In face of viral challenges, Herbal C potentiates immunocompetence and help to strengthen defense system. Herbal C helps to optimize physiological func ...
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Juarez Donzele Many thanks indeed for inputs and explanations.
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Dear Prof. Juarez Donzele,Regarding Guanidine Acetic Acid (GAA), Formation each mole of GAA consumes a mol of Arg and a mol of Gly. Then supplementation diet with GAA can save some Arg and Gly but any way GAA needs to be methylated by a methyl donor like Met to form Creatine, therefore supplementation diet with GAA may not help suboptimal diet with SAA.
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Dear Prof. Donzele. Please be aware that creatine content of all forms of animal byproducts is EXTREMELY variable; C of V for fish meal approaches 100%. Whilst we do indeed need to progress to a situation where we define an actual creatine requirement for all classes of vertebrate livestock, reliance on animal byproducts should account for this extreme variability. MPS
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Juarez Donzele , Thank you very much for your comments and I have added more details. 1) Having adequate levels of arginine and glycine in the diet is important in endogenous synthesis of creatine, however, the AGAT pathway acts as a gatekeeper or regulator of endogenous synthesis. Creamino bypasses the AGAT pathway and allows for an increase in muscle creatine levels of 25-30% over what can be ...
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Tahir Naseem Macro minerals will not chelate with HMTBa, so Ca and P will not chelate with HMTBa. That is why we do not claim that MHA is a chelate.Calcium is a group II alkaline earth metal. It acts as an ionic species, like sodium, potassium and magnesium and cannot form covalent bonds. MHA is the product of a reaction of HMTBA and calcium hydroxide= it forms a salt, not a chelate.Phosphorus is ...
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Robert Alber, taking advantage of his knowledge on the subject, for the sake of clarification I would like to make some considerations about the use of creatine in pig nutrition; FIRST; knowing that pigs have the ability to synthesize creatine from some percussive amino acids, including arginine and methionine, and that their greatest reserve is in skeletal muscle. Having adequate levels of these ...
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