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Many thanks Joe about the topic !!, Joe Kearns is my friend and he has more than 42 years working with Wenger selling Extruders and Dryers for petfood and aquafeed, so he really can manage this Forum in a technical approach. Extrusion cooking systems, I will speak in particuar to single screw extrusion as well twin screw extrusion. Both machines must be fed with a specific formulation regarding ...
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Many thanks, Professor Kirk, for this interesting and sensitive discussion. As a matter of fact, immunity and nutrition are closely related and inseparable.Healthy birds exhibit superb immune status against various diseases/pathogens by eating adequately to maintain and meet their nutritional/productive requirements. On the other hand, poor feeds or feeds that are deficient in essential nutrients ...
News published on January 11, 2018
Engormix will be present at IPPE 2018, the largest annual trade show for the poultry, meat and feed industries, where innovations and new technologies are presented. Carlos Pavesa (Director of Engormix) along with Aurélien Merdassi, Alberto Celis, Marcela García, Juan Vieyra (Commercial Representatives), Javier Tedesco (Marketing), Francisco Pallini, Douglas Lozada (Account Executive ...
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Ding Paras Sir, please let us know what you would like to know about the press? You can e-mail me directly at for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Dear Dr. Adejoro A very interesting article. Whilst I am in no doubt that mycotoxins contribute to the on-going problems, one should consider a much wider range of nutritional solutions to really start to make improvements. With our extensive experience in West Africa, we are aware that nutritional knowledge and training needs to be seriously improved. Use of up to date formulation tools / nutrit ...
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I would also suggest that we dont have a detailed screw configuration, Denis has the configuration changed? is this the same machine you have used for years? are the screws and liners worn? has the formula changed? could you use hot process water say 60-70c ? you mention 600rpm shaft speed, is this the input shaft at 25htz or the actual extruder shaft speeds? my thoughts are that you seem to be o ...
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Any explanation why the difference between a diet with and without added Choline is so huge : 427.9 grams or almost 30%. Maybe the control diet was pure synthetic and very deficient. We have seen published trials where in balanced diets the effect of added Choline sometimes is neglectable. A Weight Gain of 1861.7 or 1901.3 grams at 42 days is also very poor under modern intensive production (s ...
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Hello Denis,Here are a few key takeaways I see with your issue to create consistent sinking fish feed.1. You still need to reduce starch in your overall diet formulation if you want the feed to sink. The replacement ingredient, triticale, you are using in place of wheat flour, is still almost all starch. Starch will assist in pelleting but also expands your pellet making it float. You can substitu ...
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Steffen Hansen and not all butyric Acid for that matter.:) it needs to be target release and precision delivered where the salmonella is. This strategy will serve as the last line of defense as part of the whole salmonella attack plan. Happy New Year...
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