Article published the January 6, 2017
  Introduction The infection by enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) is one on the most important causes of neonatal and postweaning diarrhea (PWD) in piglets. ETEC causes significant morbidity and mortality, resulting in a large economic loses in the porcine industry. One of the most common ETEC in swine is serotype 0149 which carries the K88 (F4) adhesin that enables the attachment of ...
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so, where does the milk come from? pig, ruminant?
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Dear John, something is not clear in my mind, did you use in your pig replacer milk and colostrum from immunized sows? or may be bovine colostrum and/or bovine milk?
Article published the May 28, 2012
Background The mammary gland (MG) secretion is essential for the survival of neonatal mammals [1]. This organ is a tertiary extralymphoid tissue with non-organised lymphoid components [1,2]. Its vasculature and epithelium expand in size during gestation and lactation. In all mammalian species, this gland is colonised by T and B lymphocytes [3-6]. T lymphocytes accumulate in the MG during gestati ...
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Thanks of your interest for our work and your query. My coworker said that, with yeast it has not been reported for TLR4 but for TLR2 and TLR6. H.Salmon
Article published the February 24, 2012
The survival of neonate piglets depends directly on the acquisition of maternal immunity via colostrum, and milk affording systemic and mucosal protection, respectively. Whereas colostral IgG are mainly due to accumulation of blood IgG in the acini of the mammary gland at the end of pregnancy, milk IgA originates from plasma cells; according to their homing receptors these cells orginate form sepa ...
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Article published the March 28, 2011
Immunological reminders - Primary: this covers the first 4 to 8 weeks of life, or the phase in which immunity is stimulated by contact with the bacterial diversity of the gastrointestinal tract - Secondary: acquired response in adults Antibodies (labelled as Ab), also called Ig, are "Y" shaped proteins, secreted by plasmocytes (differentiated B lymphocytes) stimulated by a foreign Ag. In the po ...
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