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I actually like the idea of designing functional feeds including plant derived ingredients. The benefits of specific plant extracts even for treatment of diseases must not be denied at all. Unfortunately, as you correctly mention yourself, plants have some disadvantages while compared to raw materials from animal origin such as lower protein content and higher content of fibres. Some of these disa ...
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Dear Dr. Naghash, please contact me to discuss this in detail. Thank you
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The industry is trying to rear and grow fish and crustaceans as cost effective as possible. The demand for cheap but healthy animal products as a consequence forces the aqua feeds industry into a process of re-thinking. In 2011, a total of around 734.5 million tons of compound feed were produced worldwide. All feeds are “functional” in terms of satisfying the nutritional need ...
Article published the October 19, 2012
The concept of functional aquafeeds represents an emerging new paradigm to develop diets for fish and crustaceans. Functional feeds extend beyond the satisfying basic nutritional requirements of the cultured organism to improve growth and feed utilisation also the support of general health and stress resistance of the animals. The increasing concerns about residues of antibiotic or anabolic agents ...
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Article published the October 19, 2012
Despite the accelerating knowledge in understanding metabolism and nutrition and the considerable improvement in farm management in aquaculture, financial losses due to diseases still strike producers severely everywhere in the world. Often the reasons for the outbreak of diseases are not obvious but increased mortalities or reduced meat quality are at least in part triggered by stressful husbandr ...
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Our products are successfully used in Parent and Grandparent stocks. Unfortunately we did never check for the effects of nucleotides on transferring humoral antibodies there. This is an interesting topic we should consider in a trial in the future. In broilers we have done several trials focusing on the time to develop intestinal structures and imune response in chicks. It turned out that nucleoti ...
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I am not necessarily referring to NTPs or dNTPs only as the triphosphates are just a fraction of the nucleotides available in cells but I think it is difficult to quantify mono-, di- and triphosphates in diets or in cells. It is correct that the enzymatic degradation in the intestinal tract is generating nucleosides and finally purine as well as pyrimidine bases. However, it is very difficult to q ...
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Hi Cris, I do not want to advertize for specific products available on the market. most of the nucleotide products claim to be more or less high in nucleotides. Just ask the supplier of the products for specific nucleotide profiles and composition and you will find out which products are worth to evaluate and wich are not. Raw materials differe quite wide in total nucleotide content. in general ...
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Yes, there are numerous trial experiments available from fish and shrimp demonstrating the benefits of nucleotide supplemention of feed additives in aquaculture. According to our experience nucleotide products must be added to the feed. The usage of nucleotide products as "top-dressing" is not recommended due to the solubility of nucleotides in water. If the products are mixed into the f ...
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Dear Cris, the clear answer is YES....nucleotides make sense in every feed, not only in feed for commercial animals. The clear benefits of the adequate supply of nucleotides with the diets not only apply to pigs or poultry but also to pets. The problem is how to "measure" the effects in pets as there is no performance that can addressed. In pets there are more "subjective" effects in most cases o ...
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