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From personal experience in both temperate and tropical conditions, what is more important is understanding when to introduce protected Methionine, not lysine, in the ration. Optimizing the rumen condition to achieve optimum yields of microbial protein should be the main target. And, we can easily achieve this with very little or no soya or other expensive sources of by pass protein in the ration. ...
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As pointed out in some earlier discussions, the use of supplemental by-pass amino acids is economically justified either to promote additional milk production or to allow the use of more economical sources of supplemental protein (amino acids). My exerience is that we usually are more economical in working first with locally available feedstuffs than starting to add the more expensive by-pass amin ...
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You could simply provide your cows with ad lib access to your lucerne and hay plus 4 to 6kg of rolled or ground cereal (maize, wheat, barley or sorghum) fed in 2 equal half at milking time. This is a simple and more practical way to feed your cows if you don't have access to proprietary feeds or mixer wagon. And, don't worry the cows will balance the forage themselves. Just make sure both are avai ...
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