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Animal Sience Engineer , Master in Animal Nutrition
Train on desing, develope, and managing any agropecuary industry, Swine, poultry, Ruminants, and procesings of milk, and meat. This profetional, also is captable to develope a sales, and profit.
Animal Sience Engineer , Master in Animal Nutrition
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Dr. Ramirez, congratulations for this post, I think the good way also that you can increase piglet immunity is first of all taking care of the gestation in the sow, very important, if's the sow eats too much feed in the gestation her wont eat much in lactation, if she has some health problems she wont divide the nutrients in balance by the all piglets, so that as a number 1. as a number 2., pigle ...
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Dear Philp, do you still wonder on how to decrees the amount of Soy bean meal in your diet, and want a very good fresh diet, preforming and to being comfortable to produce for your hogs. we can help you in Ralco nutrition with that, we may have a distributor in your country that may can deliver and take care of you, please contact me and I can help you to put you on contact with the right person ...
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Hi.. I would like the dosis of the orego stim, using in the drinking water?, using this product you would not need any more the anti oxidant, anti coccidian vaccine, and so the antibiotic as a grow promother?. Good article.
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September 3, 2010
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