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In my view vaccination with oil adjuvant vaccine twice at 4-6 weeks interval gives better protection. All in all out system prevents the spread between flocks.
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Dear Danka, Vaccines against mycoplasma spp. works well only where the breeder flocks are reared in all-in-all-out system. In multiage flocks on a single location it is better to follow TIAMULIN HUDROGEN FUMARATE schedule right from the first week. Also the live vaccines should only be given to the chicks that are free from mycoplasma.
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Dear Dr.Harishchandra, I have come across similar situations in the past with same lesions and found the feed deficient in sodium & chloride, later in the lab analysis.
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The photo clearly proves the cause of vent pecking due to low sodium & chloride levels in the feed. Dr.Senthil kumar, Coimbatore, India.
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I have in my experience noted 2 reasons for the vaccination failure of bivalent vaccines. 1. The level of liquid nitrogen in the cannister during storage. The level of liquid nitrogen should be above the ampoule. 2. After the reconstitution of the vaccine, the vaccination should be completed within an hour .
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