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Layer or broiler drying manure contains some nutrients that were not digested when the feed was passed through digestive system for the first time in the bird. However, using these nutrients again are most likely not to be digested, you just using a filler that dilute the diets. beside they may harbor pathogenic bacteria that can negatively affect bird performance, In brief, I advice you not to ...
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Dr. Abdou
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Thank you Dr. Ken for this interesting technical article about Egg Shell Quality. Regarding the cause of body checked cracked eggs, this phenomenon is primarily due external factors that affect hen to be scared or moved suddenly during the time the calcium is being classified on eggshell such as rowdiness, or noisiness. Therefore, this type of eggshell cracked is very low in eggs produced in free ...
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Thank you, Dr.Alex Corzo Your research topic of amino acid in poultry nutrition is very important and interesting. It is my favorite research area too. DDG’s may be a good feed ingredient although it is not the best but it has been used worldwide. The only concern about it is the mycotoxin level that may be high if the corn that has been used was contaminated with aflatoxins since DDG’s is corn b ...
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