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Nice work.
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It is a very important and interesting discussion about dairy cows. We are pleased with you.
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Dear All I would like to know about use of Pistachio residuals in animal nutrition such as hull, kernel, shell, nut and what We obtain after dehulling, removing nut in processing plant . I will be thankful if send me any information you have about it. All Best to you Syeed Mojtaba Syeed Moumen
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Dear AllI think Pistachio shell powder is a useless residuals in animal nutrition. Me is from 0.99 to 1.3 M cal-kg DM with 1.5-3.5 % CP. It lacks characteristic to ruminate (PeNDF) but straw plays important role to secret saliva and pH adjustment in rumen. Degradability rate measured in USA was zero percent.
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Tannins , especially HT has negatively effects on fibrolytic bacteria and followed by reduction of fibre digestion in rumen, but tannins ( CT and also HT) are able to bind proteins , which resulting to escape more them from rumen. They cause to absorb more sulfur containing amino acids, as a result, they increase fiber values like cashmere, wool in fiber- producing animals.
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Surely, inhibitors such as tannins in some animal feeds, including pistachio by-product can affect milk composition in dairy cows especially milk protein and fat .
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