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My email address is: Waiting from you.
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Is the product available in Europe? At what name? Can you give us more information on the product, and the address of the distributor?
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Dear Dr. Kurt, Is it possible having in an electronic form the proceedings/presentations of the 22nd Distillers Grains Symposium? I have in a power point a presentation with the results of an experiment with lactating ewes where three levels (0,10 or 20% DDGS in the concentrate mixture) of wheat DDGS were tested. The results were excellent in terms of fatty acids composition in milk. Actually, D ...
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I am using DDGS not only in dairy cows rations, but also in diets of dairy sheep and goats. Incorporation of up to 20% of GGDS in the concentrate mixture did not affect feed intake, milk yield and milk fat and protein. Feeding DDGS however, increased the level of unsaturated fatty acids. I would like, however, to ask Dr. Diaz and the other colleagues whether there are studies verifying positive ef ...
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Excellent presentation! Is it possible having copies of your slides in English?
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By using this process is it possible to reduce the protein degradability in the rumen? If yes, then the protein value of a number of protein sources (soybean meal, rape seed meal etc) for ruminants will be upgraded.
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Can you provide me with research findings based on Silvafeed R ByPro with dairy cattle feeding, and/or in vivo/in situ studies on its effect on rumen protein degradability of conventional protein sources (soybean meal, sunflower meal, rape seed meal etc). Is the product cleared for use in EE? Can you give me a rough estimate of the product's cost??
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Can you please give the levels of different measurements (NEFA, UREA, etc) during the pre-, early post-partum and latter lactation in normal situations and when subclinical disorders occur.
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Dear Dr Quigley, In your video presentation, is not clear when to introduce roughages; Pre- or post-weaning? What type of roughage do you recommend? (excellent quality, medium quality, poor quality or a combination?). A starter of 19-20% crude protein (as is) composed of corn grain, barley grain, small amounts of wheat bran, soybean meal and a mineral vitamin mixture is it consider satisfactory? ...
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Has the product been cleared for use in EU? Can I have any information based on experimental work carried out? Miltiades Hadjipanayiotou
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