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Introduction Aquaculture has become the fastest growing food-producing industry around the world; however, the production efficiency of aquaculture could be further increased through the development of nutritious and cost-effective alternatives to traditional and finite marine protein feedstuffs such as fish meal (FM) (Suarez et al. 2013; Katya et al. 2014). Numerous studies have been carried out ...
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Which Bile acids are used? Thanks in advance
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The feed additives have the major role to improve feed efficiency and more important to make low Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) in aquaculture production. Feed additives may be both nutritive and non-nutritive ingredients and work by either direct or indirect methods on the aquatic animal’s system. The feed additives are supplemented in small amounts (alone or in combination) for a specific pur ...
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Dear Sir,Thank you very much for your offer. Can you please send a copy of AI in poultry to my email adress: Kind regards
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very informative salmonella control in poultrygreta
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Very interesting since a vaccine is not an option, I'll look for results on common carp and koi Dr. Greta Van de Sompel Veterinarian
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