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It does not need a scientist to tell that in each developing business, one needs a mentor. And of course a mentor will be someone who has been in the same field you are interested in, who has been practising for most of his/her business life. In farming for example, it would be expected of a commercial farmer to assisting with the mentoring of the developing farmers. And this has proven to be true ...
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With about 50 breeding females, AI would be the best and less labour compared to natural mating. you will need more boars if you opt for natural mating. Check with ARC-Irene for the price of semen, or Kanhym Estates. They can also give you the best advice on both of your questions. Good Luck
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Hello Motlatsi hope you did find help regarding your pig project. if not you can also contact Dr Jim Robbinson from SAPPO 082 458 2444
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