Video published on September 26, 2012
James Pettigrew, Professor at the University of Illinois, was invited by Alltech to speak about yeast based products and how they can affect the immune system of pigs at the XI National Congress of Swine Production (CNPP), Salta, Argentina.
Video published on September 26, 2012
James Pettigrew, professor at University of Illinois, talks about the role of organic trace minerals in improving reproductive performance, the role of selenium, the potencial role of organic chromium, and the role of high level of zinc and copper in improving the health and the reproductive performance of pigs.
Video published on September 21, 2012
The most important components of a swine herd health management program appear to be all-in/all-out pig flow, segregated weaning, vaccinations, biosecurity and sanitation. However, these powerful tools are often inadequate and other tools are needed. Antibiotics are also important for protecting pig health.
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