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The ruminants have also a limited capacity of daily feed intake in volume and weight and the day has we know 24 hours only so the grain and fats overload is needed to concentrate ration with energy and protein , vits, etc to produce high levels of production . Unfortunely there is not possible to feed infinite quantity of structural carbohidrates to high producin animals (45-50 lts daily ...
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That is true too and there are some live yeast Ph resistant strains and some bacteria that are more usefull than other for this purpose
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The are many excelent products but finally the cheapest practice you can do is offer ad libitum a mix of 65-70% sodium bicarbonate 25% magnesium oxide and 5-10% calcium carbonate.
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And what about ratio in between by pass protein and by-pass, or by-pass energy and rumen degradable energy in supplementation?
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we can feed whole cotton seed to ruminants at 2 kg/head/daily without problems with gossipol ( no more than 1 kg if weather temperatures reach over 35ºC )
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Good article about feeding Fat to Dairy Cows. considering a 3% of inert fat you can rise to 8% dietary fat. 
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...that could be another reason why some calcium soaps work better than others... glicerol content in the product naturally part of the oils used as raw material.
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