Article published the October 27, 2022
Introduction: Evaluating the presence of antibiotic resistant (AR) bacteria in swine production is important to estimate the problems associated with bacterial antibiotic resistances on farms. Especially the prevalence of resistance in commensal E. coli is a useful indicator of antibiotic resistance in bacteria of different communities. This bacterium causes also diarrhea problems in weaned piglet ...
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There is not a big influence of temperature in FCR. Fish are poikilotherm animals and as such their metabolism will depend on water temperature. At higher temperatures they eat more and grow more then at lower temperatures. Nevertheless, this should not influence the efficiency of how the nutrients are utilized, they just up regulate or down regulate the metabolism (eating more or less) with tempe ...
Article published the March 3, 2008
Feed prices jumped to the record high and further increase is on the horizon. There are several reasons for these circumstances. First of all it is a distinction between diminishing supplies and increasing demand. Diminishing supplies are mainly due to bad crops in many producing countries. Increasing demand is due to corn use for food and feed industries and bioethanol production. The discrepancy ...
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February 26, 2008
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