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We trial products with high fat. The fat before extruding around 7-8%. Using a single screw with high shear screw configuration and with die design for floating fish. The issue with the product is the size between the front and end is not symmetrical. What is the root cause of this issue? Is that from machine process or raw material?
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D.V.Sambasivarao Ok thanks for your information. If the fat in formula is more(more than 6%) i have to increase the land length more right?
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D.V.Sambasivarao Land height you mean same as land length right? Do you have number criteria for big diameter to be sufficient? We used diameter around 7 mm.
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Faizan Ali The mix moisture around 8%. The starch source we use normally starch like from corn.
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Faizan Ali The moisture before extrusion 22-26% after extrusion 18-22%
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