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I am available for any discussion on the production and utilisation of chitosan for wastewater treatment
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basically i have no knowledge about aquaculture wastewater treatment but i try to understand basic concept of aquaculture
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sreenivas Thanks for your question and sorry for late reply. Chitosan is a biopolymer carrying positively charged ions. Therefore, when mixed with wastewater containing suspended particles which are largely negatively charged; charge neutralisation takes place. This reaction leads to aggregation of suspended particles into flocs. Heavy flocs then settle by gravity leaving a top supernatant clean ...
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Very valuable information. The treatment should be sustainable and economically suit for aqua farmers.
Article published the January 27, 2022
1 IntroductionDue to wastewater production and the manufacture of polymeric materials through different industrial processes, industrial development has posed numerous environmental challenges [1]. Water and land contamination may result from wanton dumping of this waste (with or without adequate treatment) and the polymer. Notwithstanding the heinous negative effects on soil and water [2] this im ...
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