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Mike Tokach (Kansas State University) gives recommendations regarding storage time and mixing, in this Swine It interview with host Laura Greiner.
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Thank you Dr. Mroz. You likely know a lot more about Trp and stress than I do. But in some of our experiments with corn protein we demonstrated a close relationship between elevated concentration of Leu in the diet and reduced serotonin in the hypothalamus. This reduction can be partly overcome by adding more Trp to the diet. Because all corn proteins including DDGS have high concentrations of Leu ...
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1. IntroductionThe gastrointestinal (GI) tract is home to the gut microbiome, trillions of colonizing and transient microbes. These microbes support critical health functions including digestion, immune development, metabolism, and resistance to pathogens. While many studies have focused on the bacterial component of the microbiome, the bacteriome, recent studies have demonstrated the ability of f ...
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