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DR.R.N.Sreenivas Gowda, you make good points on enzyme supplementation. We developed Victus™ Broiler multi-enzyme supplement several years ago based on bird physiology, changes in nonstarch polysaccharides (NSP) over the growout, and the need for debranching enzymes (Ward, 2013). While also including phytase, protease and amylase, the Victus NSP enzyme composition coincides with feed changes. It ...
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Ewa Sujka, Sales Manager at Liptosa, talks about the relevance of methionine in animal production: use, sources, types, cycle and effects, among other important aspects.
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Practically, I learned that birds that are on deep litter system enjoy more during hot season that those in the battery cage system. This is evidently proven because the saw dust on the floor conserves moisture which dramatically birds do lie upon.
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Good observation though. It is equally important to note that such additives must be carefully added to avoid abnormality in the poultry performance
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