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AlzChem, is a German specialty chemicals producer, founded in 1908 AlzChem is the leading western creatine producer of creatine for human sports, fitness and nutrition since the 1990s. Since 2011 AlzChem sells creatine in the form of GAA (Creamino®) to the animal nutrition markets. AlzChe...
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While there are other sources of GAA being offered in the market, Creamino is the one available directly from the manufacturer with in-house raw material production, end-to-end quality assurance, security of supply and backed by 30 years of creatine expertise.
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Mohammed Mouhafid, Regional Technical Manager for Africa at AlzChem, points out the negative effects of Heat Stress and How Creamino® reduces the negative impact of this issue in poultry.
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What if we can enrich the embryo already with a quickly available energy source to better secure hatching and the first days in the life? This is possible by feeding the broiler breeder hen with a source of creatine. Creatine might ring a bell to many, as taking creatine as a supplement is very popular among athletes to gain muscle, enhance strength and improve exercise performance. Creatine ...
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Creamino®, AlzChem’s source of creatine for animal nutrition, is now authorised in the US for use as feed additive for all types of poultry. The extension of the current feed additive status of guanidinoacetic acid – successfully progressed by AlzChem – became effective with publication in the Code of Federal Regulation in July 2021.Creamino® was originally approved for ...
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AlzChem, owner of the highly innovative Creamino® technology, is granting a total of USD 15,000 for three university innovation projects. The awards are open to any research projects focused on animal nutrition. AlzChem to grant innovation awards to universities AlzChem is a german based, globally active specialty chemicals company that is a market leader in its fields of activity. We are ...
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DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM Creatine is a necessary component in energy metabolism, supplying phosphate groups to adenosine diphosphate and recycling them to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that can be used for maintenance and growth. This creatine-ATP recycling system does not occur in all cells, only in those where there is great variability in energy demand, including muscle cells [1]. Creatine is espe ...
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Ph.D. José Rivera Ulloa, Technical Sales Manager – LATAM at Alzchem, points out the role of Creatine and its role in animal Nutrition, some benefits of Creamino® in poultry nutrition and more...
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