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Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh Some direct impacts... Climate change can impact poultry production by stressing the birds’ ability to maintain homeostasis. Birds must work to regulate their temperature and, therefore, lose and divert nutrients that should be used for production. This leads to production losses (reduced growth rate, lower egg production, increased disease threat, and higher mortality) ...
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Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh we can help! I write you by DM.
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Maria Soriano How we calculate and measuring the air quality? What are the equipment for the air quality
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Maria Graciela Anza , thank you for your comment. I agree with you, periodical assessment of the air quality is highly recommended, and also to perform it at the height of the animals. We recommend to measure it several times a day at different locations of the facility. The early morning is the moment where ammonia can have a higher accumulation due to low ventilation during the night.
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But it is very very important to know in real time (over their heads), the air quality (co, co2, ammonia, temperature, humidity and dust particles 2.5), and program early alerts in your phone, to prevent damages... and have a close control about if the product that we are buying really gives us good results.
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Kees, The key is every measurement of the house environment is to ensure health and comfort of the birds, therefore we need to take all measurements at the bird level, "a non brainer", Kees is right to make this point as often in the field forget this basic rule.
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