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Yes , I would like to get more article on acidosis effects Thanks
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Excellent article and well done. It very interesting article and I thanks to the author. This message must goes to the climate groups extensively to reduce the blame against cattle.
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I am interested on Dairy nutrient balancing
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Can you provide product availability company address with email
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It is a very good article specially bypass protein and energy ratio impact. How much effect on the quantity of milk production of a cow? What the minimum per day milk production start this ratio impact?
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Yes, this stillage can be used for ruminant feed. We completed a work in Bangladesh during 1990 period with a collaborative scientist prof Dr R A Leng from Australia. This is also good way of waste management of Sugar mill. Thanks to take this initiatives.
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Manget Ram Garg Good study. I have studied long ago in Denmark and having same results. However, sources of feed is important, particularly selenium in soil where roughage or corn grown and feeding of animals. it is also same in chicken that affects in Glutathione peroxidase activity. Definitely organic source is effective.
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Thanks it a good article. Feeding behavior and feeding chronology of type of feed and water is important. As we know TMR feeding is different. What are the physiological behavior and digestion advantage of feeding chronology?
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Mohammad Salahuddin MD Salahuddin. It looks very good reporting. In Bangladesh, most of the cases, I mean very common, the crossbred cow produce 12 Lt milk or less. The majority of the cows at household level milk production within 12 ltr. However, those farmers have high yielding cows they must come with real nutrition of dairy cows.In Bangladesh, Dairy nutrition is not addressed much in smallhol ...
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