Article published the March 8, 2022
IntroductionAs many production systems are transitioning from individual gestation stalls to different styles of group housing, there are new challenges for data collection in the gestation barn. Commonly referred to as electronic sow feeders (ESF), computerized feeding stations have been available for more than 30 years as a method used to control the variability of sow intake (Trottier and Johns ...
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Article published the March 2, 2021
IntroductionA successful gestation feeding program is one that yields a large, vigorous litter of pigs and a healthy sow equipped with adequate mammary development and body nutrient stores to produce large quantities of milk for the suckling litter. Variations in body size, productivity, and environmental conditions dictate different daily concentrations of nutrients to satisfy the sow’s req ...
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Article published the September 11, 2020
IntroductionThe U.S. swine industry is facing a significant change in production practices regarding gestation sow housing. Many pork producers across the United States are shifting from housing gestating sows in individual stalls to a group housing system. This is driven by animal welfare concerns, state legislatures, and food companies’ demands.Electronic sow feeding (ESF) is one option fo ...
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