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Adisseo Group has completed the acquisition of global feed additives producer Nutriad. This transaction is part of Adisseo’s strategy to become one of the worldwide leaders of specialty additives in animal nutrition. A WORLDWIDE LEADER IN ANIMAL NUTRITION Adisseo is one of  the ...
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Animal AgTech Innovation Summit 2022
News published on December 23, 2020
Adisseo, a world leader in animal nutrition, announces its participation in the new closing round of AgVentures II fund, a fund launched by SP Ventures, one of the most established Venture Capital firms in Latin America, globally recognized for its specialization in Agfood tech. This investment is part of Adisseo’s investment strategy which focuses on activities at the forefront of the ...
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Under certain conditions, elevated butyrate concentrations in the fore- and midgut may induce negative effects on microbiota diversity and/or inflammation. Hear what Dr. Tim Goosens -Global Scientific & Technical Manager - Health by Nutrition, ADISSEO- said about his presentation at the IPSF 2020 during IPPE in Atlanta, USA
News published on February 7, 2020
Adisseo announced that starting in January 2020, Guy Harari, former General Manager of the North and Central America Region, is taking on new global responsibilities for the France based company. Harari has been promoted to Senior Global Director. During this 37 years with Adisseo, Harari has occupied a series of strategic and management roles and will now be joining the decision-making group res ...
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February 7, 2020
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