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Abstract This paper discusses the definition, methods, advantages and disadvantages of microencapsulation, and identifies the improvements achieved in animal nutrition with the advent of microencapsulation. Microencapsulation is used to improve product bioavailability, delivering nutrients and additives to the digestive tract at varying rates or sites of delivery with an aim to improve animal pe ...
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Rumen-protected lysine (Lys) and methionine (Met) are becoming common fixtures in dairy rations, particularly in those where milk is sold not only for volume, but also for the component values. Research and practice have shown repeatedly that improving the Lys and Met profiles in the diet (where increased dietary levels of these limiting amino acids are available to the small intestine) results i ...
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Hello, gentlemen,Carnitine products need to be supported by the osmotic regulation of the cell membrane by betaine. That could be the base of antistress factor.
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Very important point. Especially it could be used together with "Cutinase" effect of fibrolitic and amylolytic enzymes from Asp. spp. biomass. We have check them both in Fibrase (Italy).
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