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Discussion created on May 4, 2023
Can anyone help me know whether we can use EDTA to reduce the water hardness of shrimp culture pond?
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I think that in an alkaline environment, EDTA again forms a major complex with Ca2+ and Mg2+ to form CaMg EDTA to reduce water hardness, thanks.
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Practically we are not using EDTA , we are doing Organic culture, there is no requirement of EDTA, SANITIZERS
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sanjeeb kumar pradhan , thank you. Hardness result will not change . . . Application of EDTA may act on shrimp . . Relieving from hard water stress for time being. This statement I am recording here because . . Some farmer using EDTA at moulting days, and see some positive results like moulting and recovery. The mechanism I don't know. I have started this discussion to know more field results ...
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garuku govindarao . . Ya. . . scientifically high pH is required for EDTA reaction with solutes in water. So aquaculture ponds usually having the between 7.8 - 8.2 at morning time. I want to know that, is there any positive results based stories available in the field. On Using EDTA in the hard pond water, brings some positive signs ( elieving stress due to water hardness) in the shrimp ...
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I have also applied EDTA for reduce hardness but cant able to get satisfactory reasult.
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Yes, some of our formers used EDTA at the time of moulting, hardness, they are got good results
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EDTA is chelating agent it has heavy metal binding properties and able to detoxify the metal toxicity. Farmers believe that metals contribute to increasing the hardness instead of divalent cations.
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Andreas Laggis... Thanks for your valuable response. Here in India Vannamei farmers are believing that the EDTA is reducing water hardness, maybe due to its metal chelating property. According to my knowledge, metal chelating property is found at higher pH environment. Personally I have checked with lab results. Before and after EDTA application there is no change in the hardness of water. But the ...
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June 11, 2019
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