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Trong Chu Yes in vannamiculture EDTA useful for reduce the hardness
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Ashish giri Yes ,Edta reduce hardness and it helps at moulting stage
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garuku govindarao . . Ya. . . scientifically high pH is required for EDTA reaction with solutes in water. So aquaculture ponds usually having the between 7.8 - 8.2 at morning time. I want to know that, is there any positive results based stories available in the field. On Using EDTA in the hard pond water, brings some positive signs ( elieving stress due to water hardness) in the shrimp ...
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Yes, some of our formers used EDTA at the time of moulting, hardness, they are got good results
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Practically we are not using EDTA , we are doing Organic culture, there is no requirement of EDTA, SANITIZERS
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How can we will get the product's
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Thank you very much for pointing out the problem.
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Intact in India aquaculture is having problem fail the culture between 25 days to 35 days period due to virus, and more diseases attacked. If the products worked it is very good Govinda Rao Andhra Pradesh West Godavari
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