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Dr. Manish Kumar Singh, Marketing Director for South Central Asia at Novus International, speaks about the commitment of Novus in this region helping the farmers to reduce the use of antibiotics and how Novus is approaching the market with innovative and sustainable solutions, during Poultry India 2019
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The uterine prolapse is one of the problems facing egg-producing poultry growers, whether it is eggs for hatchery or for human consumption. In the normal situation and when laying eggs, part of the oviduct is taken out for a few moments and then return to the normal state. However, sometimes after ovulation, a reversal of that part, especially the last part of the uterus and vagina, can not retur ...
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Probiotics are beneficial bacteria or yeasts that improve gut health, digestibility and immune system, especially in monogastrics. Probiotics are very competitive to the survival of the gram negative bacteria in the gut ,because they compete with these harmful bacteria receptive sitesYou should take note that the pathogenic gram negative bacteria are mostly flagellated like the and they are all ha ...
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Matrix values describes the amount of additional nutrients that are released when you add the enzyme. If you study the matrix values for a phytase product you will notice that the manufacturer claims that his product releases xx g of dig. P per kg. feed or is equivalent to adding xx g of DCP/MCP to the feed. If you are studying the matrix values for carbohydrases you will typically notice that the ...
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Nice Article
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Md. Abdullah Ansari In laying hens it will definitely help to control egg quality, fatty liver syndrome and abdominal fat. Trials are going on in field conditions. We will be able to give a data-based answer soon.
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For laying hens how much it will bring benefit than choline chloride?
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In some broiler breeder lines we need to control Egg weight. I think this additive be useful.
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Summary Fat in the poultry body is coming either through feed or through de novo lipogenesis from unused carbohydrates. Gross energy value of fats and oils is 2.25 times more than starch; Therefore, fat metabolism is very crucial for poultry. LIPC also called hepatic lipase is a key enzyme in the liver responsible to break fat into fatty acids. Fatty acids from adipose tissues travel through the ...
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Robert Huggins nice and true information sir
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