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Dear Mr Chandra After going through all the technical persons comments and suggestions, I think you will be benefited. With my experience, I have seen in many occasions Toxicity and E collie causes prolapse too. You may look in to this factor also.
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Prolapse during production could be due to the presence mycotoxin in food and feed should be added to mycotoxin adsorbent.
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Maqsood Jaffery one of the overlooked factor you mentioned on beak trimming it's a factor as it could affect the feeding pattern and rate of a bird if poorly and/or cut roughy.Other points are very important too and these advice will greatly help in managing prolapse.
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Ogunlana Adetayo Johnson kindly note that prolapse can pose vent pecking and cannibalism and can expose the flock to the act if not managed or contains on time
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In addition to the above points mentioned prolapse in laying birds is related to several factors: breed, nutrition, housing system, management practices, lighting regime, photostimulation, effective weight management and microclimate, among the factors
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Route of vaccination to be administered is also an important factor for immune response and duration of vaccination titers as drinking water route is on low rating immune response as compared to aerial spray method of vaccination.
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Short period of immunity during vaccination can be caused by series of activities that goes around before, on or after the vaccination. The following could be the reasons; 1 Flock pre-vaccination handling: As it is the rule of thumb that sick birds should not be vaccinated because of the level of immunity, they have as then is low, which if vaccinated may pose stress on the birds and the body inte ...
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