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Claudia Parys Thanks a lot! BR, BS
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Dear colleagues, Can the application of Mepron improve the ecological footprint on dairy farms? Are there any specific numerical parameters that are relevant for dairy cow farms from that point of view? Thanks a lot for the advice!
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In a follow up experiment with the same team at USDA Wisconsin, a Negative Control treatment was also included to allow a better assessment of what part of the improvements in N-efficiency were simply due to reducing N intake and what part were due to an improvement in performance through amino acid balancing. Effect of feeding different sources of rumen-protected methionine on milk production an ...
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Thank you very much for the answers, Dr. Claudia Parys! Here are two more questions on this topic if you have any advice. Is the situation similar for lysine and protected lysine? Is it possible, with a combination of methionine and lysine, in one matrix (fixed ratio) that is also protected from decomposition in the rumen, to have the most accurate feeding possible in order to achieve the best pr ...
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1. What is the main difference in the digestion of Mepron and DL-methionine in dairy cows? 2. How to ensure that all methionine content from Mepron is utilized in specific ruminant metabolism? Kind regards!
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Dear Sirs, Could you say what is the total (just for orientation!) corn quantity which represented those 113 samples from Serbia and BiH for UHPLC-based multi-mycotoxin determination? Does such results justify embedding for example Min-a-zel plus into the mixture in which such maize is installed? What is total timing for UHPLC-based multi-mycotoxin determination? (from sampling to final resu ...
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Dear Sirs from PATENT CO company? What are your sources for vitamins, micro-macro minerals, amino acids and other premixture components? Probably from China and other Far East countries? What is the warranty for acceptable quality these sources which request EU? Do you have acceptable QC-QA-RA documentation about it? Do you have adequate permission for premixture export in EU, for example in Croat ...
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