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EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION AT A GLANCE Evonik is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies. The central elements of our strategy for sustained value creation are profitable growth, efficiency and values. In 2017 Evonik’s more than 36,000 employees generated sales of &euro...
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Dear Torence Sidhuna, I would definitely recommend using Ecobiol due to its benefits in intestinal health. There are reports of layer producers in Brazil with the same problem that you have now and they saw an improvement in litter quality with the use of Ecobiol. You can check the December news in the Feed & food magazine, which can also be found in English in our linkedin page: https://www.linke ...
Article published the November 20, 2019
    The objective of the study was to determine to what extent B. subtilis DSM 32315 (BS) probiotic can ameliorate the negative effect of weaning stress on intestinal microbial profile and integrity, and growth performance, in piglets fed low or high crude protein (CP) diets. Seventy-two piglets (initial weight 7.61 ± 0.55 kg) were allotted to 4 diets in a randomized complete ...
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This member gave a presentation on November 6, 2019
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Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals 2019
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Bayo Sokale, Technical Service Manager at Evonik, Gut Health Solutions, North America, explains the use of probiotics to improve Animal Nutrition. This includes our unique product GutCare® which gives a different performance to any other probiotic or antibiotic.
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Our increasingly detailed knowledge and understanding of the nutritional needs of production animals means we now have the potential to provide feeds which optimise health, growth, and hence, financial return. Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) has provided the feed industry with the means to meet that potential by accurately measuring key nutritional components, such as essential amino acids, in f ...
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Congratulations, Victor. Nice to see you working now for Evonik in Latam.
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Victor Naranjo, Technical Manager LATAM at Evonik Animal Nutrition, discussed some of the advantages of using supplemental amino acids in broiler nutrition, highlighting the main points of his conference at the Evonik Spanish Seminar during IPPE 2019.
Article published the March 20, 2019
Keywords: bioavailability, valine, performance. An experiment was conducted to test the hypothesis that Val from a Val-containing fermentation biomass product (Val-FB; 64.4% L-Val) has a bioavailability of 100% relative to L-Val (98% Val) when fed to weanling pigs. A Val-deficient basal diet containing 0.63% standardized ileal digestible (SID) Val was formulated. Six additional diets were prepare ...
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