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Sir, in summer stress period, can we supplement potassium iodite to the animal? How many doses can we give?
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Although potassium (K) is an essential nutrient for dairy cattle, increasingly high levels in forages have made cattle more susceptible to metabolic diseases such as grass tetany, udder edema and milk fever. Potassium requirements of ruminants vary depending on the class of animal. Feedlot cattle, range cattle and growing heifers require about 0.6% K in their diet. Cattle undergoing ...
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This is very valuable knowledge about potassium. Thanks a lot, Sir.
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Hello, Sir I am Narinder Singh from India. We are selling all the Vetagro product in India, like timet, relay, microtonic pp, microtonic c, ruprocol, etc.,Can you send me all the trail data which you have about these products?
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I like very much this topic, thank you.
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Gustavo Pourraid Yes, I also like this response. Good combination.
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I am working for the last 45 years as a dairy consultant around the world in hot environments (desert, tropical and sub-tropical) with pure dairy cattle and cross. According to my experience the main incidence of the variability of the Fat and Protein in the milk is due to the type of breed and cross, the influence of the weather conditions and the feeding.Using crisscross system as Holstein/Jerse ...
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Dr. Nauman Raja if we read then ratio is 3:1 but when you practically do with 5:1 and see the result
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Hi Jagdish Singh,Balancing of amino acid is very much important in cow's diet to reduce feed cost and production cost for highly yielding animal. It becomes important for country like India, where good source for protein supplements are not available.Whatever cow eat it breakdown in rumen and rumen bacteria grow and produce microbial protein with the help of degradable protein and fermentable ener ...
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Jagdish Singh Sandhu Sir, I know you have lot of knowledge about nutrition balancing but if you are using silage as per my knowledge you should use lysine and methionine in 5:1 ratio in TMR basis.
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