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1st 3 days treatment tilmycosin 20mg per kg body wt.then second 25 mg per kg body wt. at day 16 to 19 days give good results.
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I think in open house 1 sq feet per bird in environment control house .85 sq feet per bird. Actual space depends on target body wt. Regards
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dr Ganesh hedge pl.tell me criteria and method of registration for this training because I want to attend this in Thailand in 2019. Regards
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predisposing factors in asia specially in pakistan is high level of mycotoxin and other vertical transmited disease speciall MG.Ai should manage by all aspects good vetilatiin is more important.
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Abdulcader, first thank you for your message and trust my reply will be as an expert. We advised getting good biosecurity and good vaccination program against ND to avoid any risk of getting AI at an early age as no MDA. Regarding this point, there is a study on World Poultry, issue 2, Sep 2014 from GA Athens university. Please have a look at it.From my experience, all the vaccines in the market a ...
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very good effert that should continue .a centre should be in asia.specially south asia..
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Good article, especially vertically transmitted diseases.
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