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Dear Markus,I am interested on.the AMINODat 6.0, and I used to work as the Product Manager of the formal Degussa during with F.E.Zuellig (Bangkok)ltd.more than 20 years ago. I am now a ManagingDirector of Thai.Vet Nutri Tech.Co., Ltd.which my own business. I.would like to buy the.AMINODat 6.0 to develope our feed ingredients specificationfor my feed calculation program to custom ...
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Dr. Steve Pollmann (DSP Consulting LLC) discussed many aspects of the pork production industry in this Swine It interview with host Márcio Gonçalves.
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I'm very interested in this article due to my 40 years of experience in Thai Livestock production, which tries to avoid using Antibiotics in animal farming. The good management practices and the ABO alternatives are most concerned. I would like to collect more information and learn more to educate and advise our customers.
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 IntroductionSpray dried porcine plasma (SDPP) is a dehydrated product obtained from blood of healthy pigs collected at slaughterhouses. Spray dried porcine plasma is a protein source used in pig feed that has many functional components that significantly improves pig performance [1,2]. At a manufacturing plant, plasma is separated from red blood cells by centrifugation, concentrated and subm ...
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Introduction: The limited ability to induce classical vitamin D deficiencies, and challenges to identify traits which adequately assess vitamin D requirements, such as measurements of body tissue and serum concentrations, complicate recommendations for dietary fortification and lead to speculative hype (Crenshaw et al, 2014). These constraints and limited research efforts are especially noted for ...
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I am Dr.Luechai IPPOODOM., Managing Director of Thai Vet Nutri Tech Co.,Ltd. from Thailand. I aminteresting on your products but may be you already have the distributor in Thailand. I hope that may be we can have further discussion on our Thai market. Kindly contact me on my e-mail address
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Who is now ADDCON Distributor in Thailand? Please contact me on my e-mail address Looking forward to hear from you soon.
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