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Introduction• Most cows are unable to elude some level of hypocalcemia in the immediate postpartum period, with 40 to 70% of multiparous cows developing subclinical hypocalcemia (SCH; Reinhardt et al., 2011; Caixeta et al., 2015; Neves et al., 2017).• Supplementing anions in prepartum rations is a common strategy to improve blood Ca concentrations however, SCH is often not eliminated (Le ...
News published on September 18, 2017
Stalosan F is the most well-documented dry disinfectant on the market. Stalosan F eliminates disease and improves the livestock housing environment without harming the animals. This is better for both animal welfare and your finances. You can now watch an animated film showing what makes Stalosan F stand out from the other products on the market – and the advantages for your animals: &l ...
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