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Dear Reena, Thanks much for the reply. My quest is what is the relationship between SBM level in poultry feed and antibiotic free diet? I do formulate both antibiotic free diet (with or without pre or pro biotic) and duets with antibiotic based on producers request. In either case my SBM level does not change! Speaking on formulating diet based on aa digestibility is totally different issue.
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Hello Doc, Why do you think we need to increase SBM level in a diet when we consider raising birds with no antibiotic/free antibiotic! What is the relationship between increasing CP level and limiting antibiotic? Your quote "The shift to antibiotic free production or better gut health often results in the increase of soybean meal inclusion as ..."
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Very well prepared and presented! Job well done!
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A couple of questions here; - do we have a minimum acceptable UA/TI in SBM? If so, should it be change by region as concluded in this study? - What factors affect different UA/TI by regions? When we say SBM from SA, is that mean that samples were taken form all over the country and a subsample was tested?
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I enjoyed the presentation very much so. Very informative. Prepared and presented very well!
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Hello all; Sound like a good way to cool off broiler during heat stress. Please share if you have any videos.
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