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IntroductionPrecision nutrition aims to design nutritional recommendations in order to increase metabolic efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, minimize environmental impact while improving the health and well-being of dairy cattle at the individual level. According to Gonzales et al. (2018):“Precision animal nutrition requires the application of principles, techniques and techn ...
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Israel Flamenbaum it is of great service to the farmers living in this part of the world where substance and semi commercial farming is practised. your article was also of great importance for farmers in the developing countries like ours. However i would suggest to think of the poor farmers as well while commenting on such articles, may not be of any work at your end but still be the need of th ...
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James Quigley, Technical & Research Manager, Calf & Heifer (Provimi), presented the new Cargill program and covered different topics on dairy nutrition and management in Pilar, Argentina.
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Joe Magadi The combination with histidine would make it less economically efficient. The high load of the first limiting amino acid methionine (85%) together with its unique coating makes Mepron the most efficient methionine source for ruminants. Histidine is pretty expensive even in a unprotected form.
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While there is no data on this, it would most likely be best to deliver a second feeding (if feeding 2x/d) 12 hours later....and make sure feed is pushed up continually (ideally hourly) in between feed deliveries.
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Invited by Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, Dr. Knud Erik Bach Knudsen from the Department of Animal Science at the Aarhus University (Denmark), highlights the main aspects of his presentation (carbohydrates and bioactive phytochemicals) in animal nutrition, during CLANA 2018, in Brazil.
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The authors of this article appear to have overlooked our several articles on mastitis and more particularly that published in 'Engormix' a long time ago. First of all the most crucial aspect to control a disease is to know its etiology. So let us start a discussion on the etiology of' "Mastitis" and then think about its radical treatment. Jasmer Singh
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Thank you, Christian. I will be on exhibition. We met in Belarus back in 2003.
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Dear Sergey, The molecule contains around 300 g potassium per kg. Potassium diformate has the EU-approval to be used as a performance enhancer in sows up to 12 kg/t. Further discussions are possible during the Eurotier.
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Hello. A potassium level you reach with your additives in compound feed for sows? thanks
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