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Dr. John Htoo, Director of Global Technical Support for Swine at Evonik Animal Nutrition, speaks about the main challenges animal nutrition industry faces to have sustainable food production, during CLANA 2018
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Mike Persia (Virginia Tech University) commented on his research on the most effective dose of butyric acid fed to broilers, and when it is better to do it, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Very nice work. But sir tell me how can increase omega 3 fatty acid in broiler meat?
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Introduction Antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) are used worldwide to prevent poultry pathogens and disease so as to improve meat and egg production. However, the use of AGP resulted in common problems such as development of drug-resistant bacteria, drug residues in the body of birds, and imbalance of normal microflora. As a consequence, it has become necessary to develop alternatives using either ...
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Dr. Jeroen Dewulf (Ghent University) explains the risks of antibiotic resistance and offers insights on the importance of biosecurity to improve this situation, during the 5th IHSIG Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Dr. Rommel Sulabo (University of the Philippines Los Baños) speaks on the benefits of different feed ingredients, such as cereal grains, co-products, and proteins of plant or animal origin, during the 5th IHSIG Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health in Bangkok, Thailand.
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I. INTRODUCTION The use of exogenous proteases in poultry feed has become more prevalent in recent years, following the broader commercial acceptance of other feed enzymes like phytases and xylanases, and increased pressure on the cost of proteinaceous ingredients. Most current commercial proteases for animal feed are alkaline proteases of bacterial origin. Feed cost is reduced with the inclusio ...
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