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Article published the December 15, 2021
1. IntroductionThe nutrient requirements of a pig population can be defined as the amount of nutrients needed to achieve specific production objectives such as maximizing weight gain and lean tissue gain and improving feed conversion. Nutritional requirements might vary according to body weight, health status, genetics, and sex, among other less known factors. Most commonly, lysine (Lys) requireme ...
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Article published the August 23, 2021
INTRODUCTIONSow productivity has increased considerably in recent years, mainly owing to an increase in litter size, which has resulted in an increased metabolic demand for nutrients to support fetal growth and colostrum and milk production (TOKACH et al., 2019). However, this increase in nutritional requirements has not been accompanied by the pattern of sow intake, thus, sows undergo excessive m ...
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Article published the June 13, 2018
IntroductionCereals are particularly susceptible to fungal contamination during both the pre- and postharvest stages. Many of these fungi are producers of mycotoxins, which are a chemically diverse group of secondary metabolites with a wide range of toxic effects (Bryden, 2012). The contamination of grain by mycotoxins represents a major concern worldwide in the pig production chain, since the eff ...
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