Product published on July 11, 2017
STALDREN from JORENKU A/S of Denmark is a dry disinfectant hygiene product which has been manufactured for more than 26 years and is exported to more than 60 countries around the world. STALDREN is pH neutral and thus does not corrode metals og concrete, nor does it irritate animal skin and eyes etc. STALDREN contains no phosphate but uses Chloramine T as it active ingredient which helps control p ...
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Paper published in Fjerkrænyt, DenmarkÆ The fight against red mites in laying hens. The fight against red mites apparently is an endless task in many types of Layer production systems. Red mites represent a problem for the hens’ well-being and pose a risk of infection, thus regular monitoring and control is recommended. There are many ways of attacking the red mites and since they spend most of ...
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