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Veterinary doctor
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A new study from Cornell University showed that cows supplemented with X-Zelit in the dry period were getting pregnant faster. The figure shows the frequency of cows non-pregnant. Thus, in start of lactation all cows are non-pregnant and from around day 60 and onwards animals get pregnant. The cows in the X-Zelit group are getting pregnant earlier compared to the cows in the control group. Look ...
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Dear Mr. Flamenbaum,You got around one of the questions of the reporter. The question was: You have researched Summer to Winter ratio. What would be a good ratio?I am working in Hungary and in the surrounding countries. Mostly, there is a big difference in winter and summer temperature, mainly in the last years, thanks to the changes in the climate conditions. As far as I understood, the ...
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You have written: "and weight is the factor most easily controlled by the producer". But do not forget, please, about the shoulder height. The body weight informs you only about the growing rate, but the shoulder height gives more info about the development status of the heifers. I used to see a lot of heifers, to be 400 kilos of BW or more, but the shoulder height was below 120 cm. These heifers ...
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This method should work well, but let me put a short comment on it: The method should work well, IF the structure of TMR is absolutely homogenious. While the cows have a chance to separate the diferent fractions (components) of the TMR a part of cows will eat more concentrate, and more fiber (roughages) will remain for the rest of the herd. This process should cause primer rumen acidózis, and redu ...
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Interesting article about Artificial Insemination in Dairy Cattle. I am dealing with embryo transfer since about 20 years. I have experienced better transferable embryo rate since I had have used deep uterus horn insemination technic. Since then I always insert the catheter as deep as possible without damaging the internal mucosa of the uterus horns, in my daily AI practice too, and the pregnancy ...
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