Article published the December 17, 2019
Introduction Retention of dietary protein to body protein is an inefficient process in pigs. Nitrogen balance studies have shown that nitrogen retention rate (proportion of intake) ranges from 41 - 68% in weaner pigs (Cera et al., 1988), 42 - 56% in grower pigs (Fabian et al., 2004, Otto et al., 2003, Zervas and Zijlstra, 2002), 30 - 46% in finisher pigs (Fabian et al., 2004), and 42 - 52% in sow ...
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Article published the December 17, 2019
1. Introduction Gastrointestinal tract (GIT) health (‘gut health’) is a term used very commonly, and is the subject of enormous interest currently throughout the world, yet generally lacks a precise and unifying meaning or aetiology. Several recent articles and reviews (e.g., Adewole et al., 2016; Bischoff, 2011; Celi et al., 2017; Jayaraman and Nyachoti, 2017; Kogut and Arsenault, 20 ...
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Article published the November 9, 2017
Background Immune system activation alters nutrient partitioning from deposition of body protein to production of immune molecules [1] and provokes inflammatory responses such as fever, inhibition of appetite and vomiting, which compromise the wellbeing and welfare of pigs [2, 3]. These responses are caused by release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and subsequent synthesis of the immunosuppressive ...
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