Professional Title:
Ph.D., Non-Ruminants Production
Description of professional services:
Teaching and Consulting
Professional experience:
I have about 19 years experience as a Faculty member of the College of Animal Science and Livestock Production, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
I teach courses on Poultry Production and Management, Pig Production, Rabbit Production and Meat Science.

I have successfully supervised 101 undergraduate projects, 6 postgraduate diploma projects, 28 M. Agric. and 10 Ph.D. research projects as major supervisor. I have published 87 journal articles and 31 refereed conference proceedings up till date.
I had my Post-doctoral Fellowship courtesy C V Raman Fellowship grant in Animal Nutrition (In ovo Technology) at ICAR-NIANP, Bangalore, India.

I am currently on a Research Fellowship of Matsumae International Foundation, Tokyo, Japan at the Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

Over the years, my research has been hinged on the following thematic areas:
1. Evaluation of the nutritional components of underutilized feed resources in Non-Ruminant Production
2. Value-addition in animal products particularly meat
3. Hatching eggs and post-hatching performance in cockerel and broiler chickens
4. Manipulation of the micro-environment/housing systems of poultry production
5. Forms of feed and feeding strategies on growth performance, carcass traits and villus morphology of poultry, pig and rabbit
6. In ovo injection of nutrients in broiler and indigenous poultry
Coverage area:
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Location:Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Professional Title: Ph.D., Non-Ruminants Production
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