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Virginie Marquis
The Company Working at the crossroads of nutrition and health we are committed to delivering future evidence-based solutions that enhance animal health and performance, including : Improvements in digestibility and bioavailability, for better feed efficacy and performance. Cost-effec...
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Video published on November 30, 2022
Among mycotoxins, deoxynivalenol (DON), is one of the most prevalent and occurs worldwide in feed. Virginie Marquis, Toxicology R&D Manager at Phileo by Lesaffre, speaks about how to reduce the risk of DON for health of the livestock
Video published on April 4, 2019
Dr. Virginie Marquis, R&D Manager for Toxicology and Safety at Phileo by Lesaffre, explains why symptoms related to mycotoxicosis can occur at toxin concentrations below the regulatory limit, during VIV Asia 2019
Video published on June 29, 2016
Virginie Marquis, Toxicology and safety product R&D manager at The Farm - Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, talks to us during Phileo's Global Ruminant Symposium on Health & Management in Toulouse, France.
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