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India has not gone to rispense yet. SB1+HVT is doing well. Proper handling of vaccine maintaining cold chain is very important. Marek's vaccine virus has to reach the cell receptors before the field virus reaches. If the brooder houses are contaminated, the field virus moves faster. If the brooder house had an earlier incidence of Marek's cases, better delay the placement of chicks by over night ...
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What is ILT? Infectious laryngotracheitis, also known as LT or ILT, has often caused disease outbreaks at fairs in Michigan. ILT is a viral disease of chickens that can also cause disease in peafowl and pheasants. It typically results in a drastic death loss in a flock. ILT is easily spread by birds that are experiencing the disease, those that have survived the disease, birds that have been vac ...
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