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Check crop and proventriculus for any fungal growth. Because it may happen in case of candidiasis. Provide the birds with Acidified Copper sulphate@1g/2 litre of water and Magnesium Sulphate @ 1g/litre of water for three days
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Proventriculitis could be the causes virus eg. Reo adeno, IBD, IB virus. could be bacterial origin eg. clostridium or other causes as biogenic amines,copper sulfate toxicity and mycotoxicosis.
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There have been recent issues with proventriculitis due to sodium bicarbonate contaminated with flouride.
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We think may be related with Adenovirus serotype 1, is necesary histopathological study
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May be a vascular tumor or muscle tumor or limphoreticular etiology, in these cases we need send samples to a pathology lab.
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    Dr. Edgar Oviedo, Extension Poultry Specialist at North Carolina State University, makes a summary of the Intestinal Health Workshop, sponsored by DSM Nutritional Products in the USA
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