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Read carefully my first comment above. You cannot supplement glutathione as such in poultry. It will NOT work. Instead, use its precursor supplements (NAC or whey protein)
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Regarding the dose of administration, kindly seek guidance in the literature. The dose will certainly be dependent on the type of supplement you use, the plane of nutrition of your birds, their age etc, and the environmental conditions. But I suggest you use either NAC or whey protein (concentrate) - you will see phenomenal results.
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Glutathione in its reduced form (GSH) cannot be used to boost cellular/tissue levels of the anti-oxidant in living organisms, including poultry. The reason is that GSH in the extracellular environment is highly susceptible to oxidation to its oxidized (GSSG, and protein-bound or GS-protein) forms, and is biodegraded by gamma-glutamyl transferases particularly in those tisses with high activity of ...
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  Introduction Poultry are naturally adapted to hosting a complex gastrointestinal (GI) microbial community with hundreds of bacterial species and up to 1011 CFU per gram of gut contents (1). Benefits conferred by this microbial community (the GI microbiome) include promoting beneficial development of the intestinal mucus layer, epithelial monolayer, and lamina propria (2, 3), excluding pat ...
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Introduction The rapidly increasing human population particularly in the developing world has increased the demand for animal protein, especially for pork and poultry products, for human nutrition (World Bank Group 2015). This is an opportunity for smallholder farmers in Africa to increase household income and improve their livelihoods by connecting with the livestock and poultry value chain. Pou ...
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