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It is very pertinent. To make profit in Poultry Business., bio security is key. Its a very useful information and for us to succeed on this business, we will continue to develop in it.
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Ayurvet Ltd Welcomes you to Poultry India 2017, the South Asia´s Largest Poultry Exhibition. Visit us at Booth N° X13-x16. Poultry India is going to be held at the Hitex Exhibition Complex, Hyderabad, from 22nd to 24th November 2017. Backed by state-of-the-art technology and Innovative expertise, Ayurvet Limited is one of India's leading Animal Health Care Company. Specializing i ...
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Dear Mr.Alqabre, Thanks for your comment. Less than 4 ppm of total chlorine in potable water considered as non hazardous however 0.5 ppm to 1.0 ppm of total chlorine is safe & effective for drinking water. Total Chlorine is the sum of free chlorine plus combined (used) chlorine in the water. (Free Chlorine) + (Combined Chlorine) = Total Chlorine You should select Acidifier having formu ...
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Dear Mr Dahal You are right that not all pesticides can be rejected by RO plant but pesticides having molecular weights more than 278 are 100 percent rejected.However if one uses nano-filtration and activated charcoal upstream of the RO membran and add calcium and magnesium salts (which some fars ,here,do) and use acidification downstream will solve the major problems.However in Pakistan many fa ...
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It's and good and informative article. Thanks.
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Dear sir, The necrotic enteritis, most of farms received this complaint, so good treatments, can you tell me sir? Thank you.
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